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By: huzwuzit (12-28-2001 11:05)  Rating: 10
But you also have to remember with OHC engines, high revs are their worst nightmare, over rev them and you better have a big bank account. The 4.6 DOHC can handle higher revs, but it is also more expensive to fix if it's over rev'd.
By: huzwuzit (12-28-2001 11:02)  Rating: 10
The SOHC engine can hold the power as well, it's just easier to get it out of the DOHC. I mean it can crank out higher revs.
By: nitrous_junky (12-17-2001 22:24)  Rating: 7
Nice ride, but I believe you may be disappointed if you put it on a Dyno!
By: huzwuzit (12-11-2001 15:24)  Rating: 10
Other than that this is a kick ass car!
By: huzwuzit (12-11-2001 15:23)  Rating: 10
If this is an S281, keep fuckin dreaming pal, you don't even make 500hp even with the saleen charger. The new Saleen Extreme is the most powerful S281 yet, and it's a far cry from 500hp. And why the hell would anyone ruin that car with NOS
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