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By: y2kv6le (12-29-2001 19:33)  Rating: 8
Nice ride ! You can't satisfy everybody,so don't worry about the whiners.Great job with the mods !
By: radstng (12-24-2001 09:49)  Rating: 1
doesnt matter a V6 it is still a V6....
By: 90lx50 (12-23-2001 18:02)  Rating: 2
altezzas look stupid. but when ever another stang owner makes their car look ugly it just makes mine look better
By: ponydude (12-20-2001 23:34)  Rating: 10
the eurolenses don't bother me on a white stang, set it apart quite nicely, don't let anybody get you down just 'cause they're miffed that their 4-bangerstang gets smoked by rice burners...
By: huzwuzit (12-11-2001 15:44)  Rating: 10
Skidmark and smithers are right! Your car is tight. I have a yellow 2001 GT and I'm going to do altezzas on mine. Nice ride, keep it up!
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