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By: gcmustang (12-28-2001 09:35)  Rating: 9
The perfect notch. But 1sicknatueralass is right, could use a 2-3" cowl hood to make it perfect. So I give it a 9
By: ujslost (12-12-2001 11:17)  Rating: 3
The usual rims and tint.
By: whitelx (12-11-2001 20:37)  Rating: 9
Lookin' good! Love that shade of red.
By: 1sicknaturalass (12-09-2001 03:20)  Rating: 6
Very clean and nice but you need to add alittle growth in the hood area, like a 2 or 3 inch cowl..
By: wildstreeter (12-05-2001 20:03)  Rating: 9
Nasty Nocth!!! Nice love em!!
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