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By: theronstang (12-16-2001 18:37)  Rating: 10
great car. sorry to hear about your wreck tho. but get the new hood and bumper you wanted, will look killer.
By: snake98girl (12-14-2001 16:37)  Rating: 10
Hey Ive seen youre know MIKEONE (who doesnt tho)
By: bgbadbowen (12-11-2001 18:44)  Rating: 1
Nothing personal, but the whole fixed up V6 thing is for imports isn't it? "I've got a V6 and you've only got a 4cyl". Mustangs are supposed to have V8's to be impressive aren't they? At least to be fast.
By: lightningwx (12-08-2001 14:17)  Rating: 5
-5 points for the front and back vynil yellow sun blocker thingy.
By: procharged5ohh (12-05-2001 22:13)  Rating: 10
I know this car. to bad its a v/6
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