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By: svtcobra808 (12-23-2001 13:30)  Rating: 10
why does he need NOS?? He already got an ATI w/3-ch intercooler! I've seen his car many times before.. very sweet!
By: smoke (11-26-2001 06:57)  Rating: 10
Easily one of the hottest looking cars going today. I've always loved the work put into that car. Sweet.
By: theronstang (11-21-2001 19:41)  Rating: 10
Seen this car in pics of car shows, its a beautiful car. the seats are awesome too (too bad you cant see them well here) only think I say is it needs sideskirts
By: rmm (11-20-2001 12:25)  Rating: 10
this car is tight but you need to put some nos in it to make it so much faster thats would i would do if i had a bad ass ride
By: chimaira20 (11-13-2003 22:31)  Rating: 1
are you all GONE? this dont even look like a mustang, go to another website ricer
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