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By: 90saleen163 (12-21-2002 02:08)  Rating: 9
Um, GT headlights? I have a 90 Saleen myself and this one looks real to me. But my side molding is black and I have diff wheels. Is that an SC?
By: starplayer (10-27-2002 00:19)  Rating: 1
use a rebel its a piece of shit ripoff!!! look at the headlights those are gt people
By: moe (07-25-2004 01:37)  Rating: 9
For the two DA'S GT,LX and Saleen headlights are all the same.Also those are one piece Sterns wheels.Nice car.
By: steeda50 (04-22-2002 07:58)  Rating: 9
very nice,clean, quick. I like........
By: lilizzy302 (02-13-2002 22:00)  Rating: 9
nice car. i got a saleen too. an 88 rating 9
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