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By: 79mustang302 (12-28-2001 16:04)  Rating: 10
93 SVT Cobra, always was and always will be my favorite Cobra, and what you talkin bought radstng these things are about the same price as a brand new GT these days, its the first SVT, its a COLLECTOR.
By: sm0k3 (12-27-2001 21:25)  Rating: 10
um radstng, what wrong with a 1993 Cobra being someones dreamcar? and why laugh at someones fanacial status?
By: radstng (12-25-2001 21:42)  Rating: 10
you see, turbocrap is a loser, his dream car is a 93 cOBRA, IS ALL HE CAN AFFORD...hahah
By: turbo306 (12-23-2001 17:53)  Rating: 10
drool... 93 Cobra's are one of my favorite Mustangs, some day I will have one.
By: wgodfatherw (12-19-2001 07:03)  Rating: 10
Sweet Cobra, One of the nicest I've seen in a while...
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