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By: 90lx50 (12-23-2001 18:00)  Rating: 3
wow is that a convertible honda civic. been watching the fast and the furious latley?
By: ragtop (12-21-2002 11:06)  Rating: 10
I am back a year later, ditto!
By: radstng (12-21-2001 22:03)  Rating: 1
....also ditch the whole V6 motor and get a V8 please
By: radstng (12-21-2001 22:02)  Rating: 1
ditch the blackouts, the chromed gas door and the wheels, also the ricer rear spoiler, it loks like a honda civic with it.
By: ryze38 (12-20-2001 20:43)  Rating: 7
Steeda Spoilers only look good on coupes.
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